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Wholistic digital solution for Pre School

A creatively crafted website for a preschool isn't just about aesthetics; it's a branding tool. It cultivates trust by showcasing the school's ethos, safety measures, and curriculum in a visually engaging manner. This branding builds credibility, establishing the preschool as a reliable, nurturing space for children's development, fostering trust among parents seeking the best for their kids.

Squad International Website

Branding, Website & Social Media

A brand new pre-school in Chennai, wanted a complete digital media solution. We created a stunning logo, simple yet powerful website and established their social accounts and content for the social.

Project Journey 

Case Study


Website Design

Website Development

Social Media 

As a first step, we gathered all the information about the planned event. We understood their business needs and offered possible solutions to build a brand presence online.

The client had some specifications on how they wanted the logo and we came up with a logo that is aesthetically please also has a strong brand value as an International School. We also made a cool animation for their logo.

The requirement was fairly simple, the website had to be simple yet powerfully convey the information about the school, its concept, teaching methodologies and the values.

It was a one page website, we had this complete within weeks. We were also working on a tight deadline to finish this off before the admissions starts.

We created content for their social media. Again, there were very specific needs for the customer to have brand presence. As part of their business strategy, we created content for a couple of months to kick off and handed over to them, to manage further.

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