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Online Course Website

An online learning management website resolves trainers' and businesses' challenges by centralizing content delivery, scheduling, and assessments. It amplifies reach, engages global audiences, and offers tailored teaching through analytics. Its collaborative tools foster growth and scalability, enabling trainers to efficiently expand their reach, elevate teaching standards, and ultimately grow their business.

LMS integrated with ecommerce

Valclyde Tech is a technology training company based in the United States, they previously conducted trainings just over Zoom sessions. They sought to have a global and professional edge. They reached out  to Creative Nomad to enhance their image, aiming to reach students worldwide with polished, impactful tech teachings solutions, online sales platform to elevate their business presence and revenue.

Project Journey 

Case Study


Website Design

Customer Journey

Website Development

Video Content

User Experience


As a first step, we gathered all the information about the customer's business, how they operate, their client base and competitions. This helped us understand the goal of our customer. With research and our experience, we developed an action plan.

As a first step, we created a logo for the customer which represents their business, their niche and how they want to be identified. We gave they a few options, out of which they chose one.

Evolution of branding for Valclyde Tech
Branding for Valclyde Tech

We planned and designed the website, that was simple yet powerful to appeal to a global audience. It had to represent their identity with every piece of content on their website, from the colour schemes to the fonts to the images. All seamlessly integrated to create a compelling design. 

The customer journey on the website was carefully planned, where the customer journey starts and how we drive them to buy the course on the website. Along the journey, we strategised content to be persuasive to guide the customer to make a decision on the purchase.

The website contains different business solutions put together.

  • It is a showcase of the trainings conducted by them.

  • It has online store front, from which the user can buy the course.

  • Contains multiple payment options through a globally trusted payment gateway.

  • A complete course management, where all the recordings are organised on the website itself.

  • User management, students can create an account and attended and see all the recordings on the website itself.

  • It also has a membership management module.

It a complex system, that enables the customer to handle all of their business and its administration with the website and the administration portal.

Videos are a powerful way to convey our message. We created a corporate video explaining the service they offered. We used it on the website, it is also been used on Youtube and other social media platforms to promote their services.

After a through testing and user experience review, the site is now live for the customers to use it.

We manage and maintain the website, so that the customer can focus on their business. Additionally, we provide other services to the customer for their design and other development needs.

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