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Colorful Abstract Painting

Innovative Play Area

A highly creative website for a kids' play area can captivate visitors with immersive visuals, showcasing the unique play area. It entices families, highlighting the engaging features and experiences, driving business by presenting an irresistible, interactive preview that motivates visits and boosts customer interest.

A Creative Website for Toddle Town

Bold & Creative

Toddle Town is an indoor play area in Chennai. The whole play area is a  very innovative concept. They wanted a highly creative website to bring out the uniqueness about their business. Unlike other projects, it was a different challenge. It was an opportunity for us to break the boundaries and do some Art through the website. 

Project Journey 

Case Study

Website Design



Social Media 

Website Support

Customer Experience

Brand Story

As a first step, we gathered all the information about their business. This helped us understand the goal of our customer. It was totally different from what we have done before. It needed additional efforts, we went to the drawing board multiple times to see how we could fulfil the customers needs.

We understood their branding and the play area had a strong personality or identity attached to it. We tried multiple designs before we finalised this one. We had to work closely with the customer to see how we could bring out that brand identity.

While the design was the challenging part, there were some features that could be useful to their business. We implemented an event planner, which has a front end portal, where they can update all the events that they conducted and has features to have different organisers and different branches or locations. 

The illustrations on the website were created based on the uniqueness of the business. We also helped them create design to help them in their marketing and promotion.

We initially started out to manage their social media, however, due to various reasons we were unable to meet the requirements for the nature of their business. While there was a lot of learnings, we had to stop working on their social media for the betterment of their business and goals.

Our standard plan includes one year limited support, where we help with bug fixes, training and software updates. However, under extended support, we provide updates to the websites, adding new features or anything that might be needed to support their business.

As this was a unique project, it took longer than expected to complete. We saw it as more of an Art, where every small detail was custom designed to meet the vision of the customer. This also meant there was some back and forth, but we made sure we had to successful build a product that makes us proud of our work and ultimately satisfy the customer.

At the core of everything we do, we always uphold the brand value of the customer. We work with customers, who like us, have high values, transparency and committed serve their customers well. At all steps in the process, we follow ethical ways to achieve success and we have seen its the best way for anyone to sustain for a long period of time.

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