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Black Diamond

Wholistic digital solution

Our wholistic approach to find solutions, to help our customers have a successful, goal oriented campaigns. We use our expertise to build digital content, web development capabilities, social media know hows and with the network social influencers to build end to end solutions. Here, we take example of, one of our recent projects, to explain our approach and we made the event a great success.

Marketing funnel for Yogasta

Reconnect & Rejuvenate

This was a destination Yoga and Wellness Retreat, conduced by Yogasta. Our goal was to build a wholistic solution to get the message out to people, build a smooth customer experience and driving marketing and sales.

Project Journey 

Case Study

Build a landing Page

Digital Creatives

Video Content

Social Media 

Influencer Marketing

Customer Experience

Brand Story

As a first step, we gathered all the information about the planned event. This helped us understand the goal of our customer. With research and our experience, we developed an action plan.

We built an attractive landing page (Click here to see). The landing page contains all the information about the retreat. The page was designed to get the reader excited about the retreat and drive them to register. The page also includes a form for the reader to fill out details, for further communication.

We created digital posters, with details of the events that could be shared on social media platforms. The posters were usually linked to the landing page, where they can register.

Videos are a powerful way to convey our message. We built videos explaining about the retreat location, food and other details, to give a feel of the experience, and what they can expect of the retreat. This is focused on stirring up the emotions of the users and ultimately drive them to the landing page to register for the event.

We shared this on our social media platforms, following very strategies to reach out to people who may be interested. We reached out to about 5000 people, before we closed registration, after all the slots were full. 

We have a strong network of social media influencers, who have helped us drive sales over time. We have been able to achieve great results and has proven to be cost effective, compared to main stream media.

After the retreat was complete, we created high quality video feedback from the participants. This will help our client use the content for future events.

At the core of everything we do, we always uphold the brand value of the customer. We work with customers, who like us, have high values, transparency and committed serve their customers well. At all steps in the process, we follow ethical ways to achieve success and we have seen its the best way for anyone to sustain for a long period of time.

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